Tech 21’s Bass Fly Rig v2 is an all-analogue multi-tool for the gigging bassist

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Tech 21’s Bass Fly Rig v2 is an all-analogue multi-tool for the gigging bassist

Words by Will Brewster

The popular multi-effects pedal just copped a massive update.

Launched into the world in 2014, Tech 21’s Bass Fly Rig proved to be a huge hit with bassists upon release, giving them access to high-quality, affordable tone profiling inside and easily usable and transportable rig.

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They’ve now gone and one-upped themselves with the release of the Fly Rig v2, adding in a range of new features to make it all the more appealing for those who might be swayed in the direction of digital profiling rigs.

Featuring an all-analogue signal path, the Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig v2 now offers players with a range of SansAmp Character modes, with SansAmp Bass Driver DI and VT Bass DI each plating up authentic tube amp and growling Ampeg tones respectively.

The unit also features new channel switching to toggle between clean, dirty and growling distorted tones, as well as a new effects loop to hook it up with your preexisting pedalboard.

Like its predecessor, the Fly Rig v2 also boasts a three-band active EQ alongside compression, chorus, octave, filter and fuzz effects, squeezing all the sonic tools a bassist ought to ever use into one nifty package.

Other features include a chromatic tuner and XLR output for DI signal, while a 1/4″ padded input lets the unit play nicely with piezo pickups.

Each knob on the pedal is also illuminated to make it all the more navigable onstage, while an included power supply ensures you’re ready to roll at any given moment.

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