Spitfire Audio and BT collaborate to create orchestral synth library plugin

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Spitfire Audio and BT collaborate to create orchestral synth library plugin

Words by Cambell Courtney

Offering 421 presets with 129 articulations including some classic synths

Spitfire Audio, in collaboration with Grammy-nominated musician Brian Transeau, (a.k.a BT), have released a sample based orchestral synthesiser plugin, called Polaris.

What you need to know:

  • Spitfire Audio and Grammy nominated musician Brian Transeau collaborate on new orchestral plugin.
  • Combines samples of live orchestra, classic synthesiser and vintage format processing such as tape and VHS.
  • Ability to combine and blend between various presets, instruments and processing.

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Polaris’ sample library was recorded by BT, and features many classic synthesisers such as the Yamaha CS-80, Sequential Prophet T8 and Prophet-5, Oberheim OB-Xa and Matrix 12, and the Roland Jupiter 8.

The Polaris’ sound engine works in three parts. An organic strings orchestra, vintage synth samples, and a resampling section. From this, Polaris offers 421 presets and 129 articulations available to users at launch.

The resampling section allows for emulation of tape and VHS processing, allowing for warping and processing of the sample library in realtime. 

Spitfire Audio’s eDNA interface allows users to play two articulations simultaneously with a cross fade feature, so signals can be blended and combined with effects and processing to create new and dynamic sounds. Polaris also includes a granular machine for further sample manipulation. 

The samples for Polaris were recorded at the AIR Lyndhurst Hall, and featured 24 musicians playing the synth and orchestral sounds in a complementary fashion to one another. 

The Polaris is an orchestral power house, which would suit musicians and composers alike. The rich layered sounds would work wonders for film and television scores and any other similar applications. 

The Polaris will be available for £299 or approximately AU$524.35 (at the time of writing), but is currently on sale for £229 or approximately AU$401.59 until April 28.

Head to Spitfire Audio for more information.