Soundtoys Little Plate plugin is free until December!

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Soundtoys Little Plate plugin is free until December!


Simple enough to control, the Little Plate is a recreation of an EMT 140 plate reverb, its metallic sheen heard across countless recording since the late 50s.

SoundToys announced their SuperPlate plugin earlier this year, building on the already stellar reputation of their Little Plate.

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The SuperPlate is the Little Plate expanded, offering additional plate type controls, ‘preamp’ options, additional time-based adjustments like Pre-Delay, as well as Modulation and Mix like the Little Plate. The SuperPlate has more visuals to view your filters, as well as input and output gain, offering more control than ever over your sound.

Ken Bogdanowicz, Soundtoys CEO and lead designer said:

“After the release of SuperPlate earlier this year, we thought it the perfect time to give everyone a chance to experience the original (and still awesome) Little Plate plug-in. It’s an amazing-sounding reverb that’s become a staple of many pro users. We’re constantly hearing how much people love the EMT 140 sound, modelled on the plates in our collection.”

Soundtoys make world class plugins used by the best in the biz, either as standalone plugins or as part of their Effects Racks bundle. They offer stellar recreations of some classic sounds, harnessing digital capabilities. There’s never been a better time to get their Little Plate plugin, just a taste of what SuperPlate can offer.

Get Little Plate free here.