Sound Radix announces Auto Align 2.2

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Sound Radix announces Auto Align 2.2

Sound Radix Auto-Align 2.2
Words by Mixdown staff

Pro Tools 2024.6, announced overnight Australian time.

Sound Radix, creator of some of the most innovative audio plugins in the professional audio industry, is excited to announce a major update to its award-winning Auto-Align and Auto-Align Post plugins, bringing native AAX ARA support for Pro Tools.

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This update significantly enhances the workflow by integrating the plugins directly into the Pro Tools environment, allowing effortless phase alignment and improved workflow efficiency.

Of the announcement, Sound Radix Co-founder and CEO Nir Averbuch says:

“We’re thrilled to empower our users with the new AAX ARA native version of Auto-Align 2 and Auto-Align Post 2 in the upcoming Pro Tools release. This significant advancement saves valuable time and effort, ensuring seamless phase alignment and continuing our mission to deliver the rich, high-quality sound that Sound Radix is renowned for. Our ongoing collaboration with AVID is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of audio technology, enhancing user experience, and driving workflow improvements across the industry.”

Rob D’Amico, Sr. Director of Product Management at Avid says:

“From phase-aligning microphones in the studio to dynamic time-alignment of location microphones for post production, Sound Radix is an industry leader in solving these audio challenges,” Rob adds “We’re excited to partner with Sound Radix to deliver comprehensive ARA 2 integration for these solutions to our Pro Tools customers.”

Read Auto-Align 2.2 release notes here.