Sony draws from the classic C-800G with the C-80 mic

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Sony draws from the classic C-800G with the C-80 mic

Words by Alex Marcocci

Global shipping details are yet to be released but it looks like a great way to enter the classic Sony game

Sony has released the new uni-directional condenser, C-80 Microphone – this one’s ideal for entry-level, at home studio users.

What you need to know:

  • Sony has released the new C-80 Microphone, perfect for home studio users.
  • It features the same technology from the lauded C-800G and C-100 models, containing high quality sounds and noise performance.
  • The price is yet to be announced, as well as global shipping details.

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Your vocal parts will clearly stand out due to the high-quality sound and rich, mid-low frequency range, which provides the vocals and voice recordings with a core presence.

The C-80 features some of the same technology from Sony’s C-800G and C-100 models. The dual diaphragm configuration helps suppress the effect of sound characteristic changes with distance.

It is equipped with a switchable low-cut filter, eliminating low fluency noise and the proximity effect. The -10dB pad switch provides headroom and decreases transient peaks.

It has an 81.5dB signal-to-noise ration and a less than a 12.5db SPL self-noise level.

It features a Noise Eliminator Construction and a two-part metallic anti-vibrational body structure, helping to reduce the acoustic vibration of the microphone’s body, ensuring low noise.

Sony says that “the C-80 provides a realistic reproduction of the characteristics of an instrument, such as the sound of guitar strings and the resonance of the body”.

Worldwide shipping and pricing details are yet to be announced, although the US and Canada are likely to see a release in November for US$500.

Head to Sony for more information.