Solid State Logic debut expansive new UF8 DAW controller

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Solid State Logic debut expansive new UF8 DAW controller

Words by Will Brewster

The studio titans step further into the digital realm.

After the unprecedented success of recent products like the SiX Desktop Mixer and their nifty 2 and 2+ interfaces, Oxford audio icons Solid State Logic have launched further into the world of digital production with the Logic UF8; a sophisticated DAW controller to streamline your studio workflow.

With eight colour displays for channel and 100mm touch-sensitive faders and encoders on each strip, the UF8 is also loaded with an array of assignable backlit buttons for uninhibited hands-on control.

Powered by SSL’s new 360 control software, the UF8 can easily be set up to deal with multiple controller configurations, as well as shortcut presets and more.

Users can scroll through five banks of eight user keys and three quick keys with a multi-purpose channel encoder for easy tweaks, while mouse scroll emulation should suit those who’ve spent years working inside the box.

There’s also a bunch of templates to suit all major DAWs and the ability to switch between up to three sessions in totally different connected DAWs to integrate all your tools into one kit. What’s more, up to four UF8s can be chained up together to function as 32-channel SSL control surface, presenting a formidable working platform for any producer or engineer.

SSL is distributed in Australia via Amber Technology.