Shure launch the SM7dB

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Shure launch the SM7dB

Words by Mixdown staff

The SM7dB alleviates any gain issues you might've run into, while also offering the preamp to be bypassed and used like a conventional SM7B.

The Shure SM7B is the go-to for a lot of studio recording sessions. Great for vocals, especially rock and metal screamed vocals, as well as intimate, whisper-quiet vocals, the SM7B has become a staple of the studio. An expanded version of the classic SM57, the SM7B records crystal clear and balanced sounds. The range expands today with the Shure SM7dB, the classic SM7B design with an additional internal preamp with a built-in preamp that offers an additional 28dB of gain.

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While the Shure SM7B is built for high sound pressure levels, it can suffer from time to time about a lack of gain, sometimes requiring a signal to be boosted quite drastically to get a healthy signal to tape or ProTools. The SM7dB alleviates this, while also offering the preamp to be bypassed and used like a conventional SM7B, as well as the familiar low cut and mid bump options.

The Shure SM7dB features great electromagnetic hum rejection, allowing it to be used in close proximity to electronics like computer monitors, as well as sonically being very directional and isolating sounds around the source. This makes it a great option for podcasters, streamers, gamers and other content creators, the addition of a preamp making it more versatile than ever.

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