Seymour Duncan course: Pickup Installation 101

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Seymour Duncan course: Pickup Installation 101

Seymour Duncan pickup wiring 101
Words by Mixdown staff

The mainstays of guitar electronics want to show you how to do it too!

Seymour Duncan understand guitar electronics. Changing pickups can seem easy enough, though there’s a few skills involved that can make a mess of both your control cavity as well as tone if done wrong.

Guitar tech can be intimidating, confusing, lack a certain glamour associated with playing. Most of us just wanna play. But it’s impossible to overstate how much better—and more creative—you’ll play after learning even the basics. Because your tone is everything. The easiest way to improve your tone is to experiment with different pickups. By learning to install them yourself you’ll unlock every possibility. “Pickup Installation 101” will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to customise your guitar and perfect your tone.

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Seymour Duncan created this course with the beginner in mind because swapping out your pickups radically (radically) improves your guitar tone and playing. It unlocks the doors. We want to teach you how to do this.

You can definitely pay $50-$150 each time you have new pickups installed or spend hours and hours stumbling through YouTube videos. But do yourself a favour and check out this course. We promise learning this skill the right way is far more valuable than throwing money at it or potentially damaging your guitar.

This knowledge will give you the foundation and the confidence to continue to improve your guitar tech skills.

Master your tone by taking guitar tech into your own hands. It’s easy. We’ll show you how.

Guitar tech shouldn’t be some confusing dark art only gearheads understand. This program demystifies it. It’ll give you the confidence, knowledge and tips and tricks to swap out your pickups—and do it right with Seymour Duncan.

For more info, to enrol and keep reading, visit Seymour Dunan here.