First ever vinyl run of the Wiggles’ 1994 classic album, Yummy Yummy!

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First ever vinyl run of the Wiggles’ 1994 classic album, Yummy Yummy!

The Wiggles vinyl
Words by Mixdown staff

The vinyl is avilable to pre-order in one of the four iconic Wiggles colours: red, yellow, blue and purple, and strictly limited at 500 copies only, order yours now to arrive in time for Christmas.

Impressed Recordings, Australia’s first direct-to-fan vinyl brand, today announces its very special Christmas release of The Wiggles, with a limited vinyl run of their 1994 classic album, Yummy Yummy.

Following the release of Yummy Yummy, the original line-up of Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Greg went on to define some of the biggest hits of this, the last and the next generation, with songs including “Hot Potato”, “Fruit Salad”, and “D.O.R.O.T.H.Y.”.

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The Wiggles vinyl

Pressed on vinyl for the very first time, in four wiggly colourways, an Impressed copy of Yummy Yummy includes an individually-numbered obi strip which corresponds to the vinyl colour, alongside a bespoke essay by music journalist, new Dad and Impressed co-founder, Jonno Seidler. Simultaneously, the release coincides with the upload of the full-length 1994 “Yummy Yummy” episode on YouTube.

Yummy Yummy

The recent resurgence of vinyl records has sparked a notable revival of love for authentic, tangible music experiences. As a result, Impressed was conceived to redefine the landscape of vinyl production and make a lasting impact. Impressed provides an end-to-end solution that includes a pre-loaded partnership with Australia’s most progressive and sustainable vinyl plant, Suitcase Records.

Impressed Recordings

The Wiggles join their first drop, which includes exclusive releases from a diverse range of artists including Royel Otis, Fisher, Babe Rainbow (sold out), Passenger, Ngaiire, Babitha and more. Impressed give artists the opportunity to release their music on vinyl by fronting the cost of production and ensuring they’re paid a full royalty, and receive chart recognition.

To pre-order or keep reading, check out Impressed Recordings here.