ROLI unveils the Seaboard Block M

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ROLI unveils the Seaboard Block M

Words by Mixdown staff

The pinnacle of expressive creation for a new generation of on-the-go music makers

The London-based global pioneers of award-winning music technology are proud to reveal the Seaboard Block M, an updated and refined version of the Seaboard Block. The most requested product ever from the ROLI creator community, this portable yet powerful tool promises to bring infinite expressive possibilities to musicians everywhere, whether at home, in the studio, on the go, or on the stage.

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A new dimension of music creation

ROLI is the world leader in MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE), a revolutionary technology
that allows digital instruments to mirror the nuanced control of acoustic counterparts. After
the highly celebrated launch of the Seaboard RISE 2 in 2022, ROLI is now democratizing access to its groundbreaking music creation tools with the launch of the Seaboard Block M, offering unparalleled expressive capabilities, at an accessible price point. These innovations reaffirm ROLI’s commitment to shaping the future of musical expression and underscore its influential role in the Musical Instrument industry, signaling exciting developments still to come.

ROLI’s versatile product lineup empowers all musicians to continually explore, learn, and perfect their craft, whether they are just starting their musical journey or are seasoned professionals. From the beginner-friendly LUMI Keys to Seaboard Block M and on to the complex capabilities of the RISE 2.

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