Remote mixing revolutionised with PreSonus Metro

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Remote mixing revolutionised with PreSonus Metro

Presonus Metro
Words by Mixdown staff

Whether creating a broadcast mix across the country, producing a livestream remotely, or troubleshooting a system from miles away to anywhere across the globe, this new feature redefines convenience and flexibility in audio production.

Today, PreSonus announces Metro, a new, free feature for StudioLive Series III Digital Mixers that will revolutionise the way audio professionals mix remotely. Included in Universal Control 4.2, Metro is the first-to-market solution for live remote mixing over the internet, delivering high-quality low-latency audio, equipping audio professionals with unprecedented flexibility.

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Recommended use cases include (but not limited to):

  • Broadcast: Remotely create a broadcast mix from your home without stepping foot into a venue. 
  • Live Stream and Podcast Production: Produce a livestream or podcast from anywhere in the world. 
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot StudioLive Series III mixers quickly and conveniently from your home or office. 
  • Remote Recording: Ensure that a remote recording session is properly gain staged. 
  • Corporate conferences: Remotely mix an all-day conference panel from the comfort of your couch. 
  • Professional assistance: Dial in a scratch mix remotely for a less experienced onsite FOH or monitor engineer to use as a starting point.

Whether musicians are tracking vocals in a studio in Los Angeles while their producer is adjusting settings from a studio in New York, or a live sound engineer is fine-tuning a broadcast mix during a concert halfway across the world, Metro ensures a cohesive and streamlined working experience.

Check out PreSonus Metro, the latest innovation for StudioLive Series III mixers, delivering a first-to-market solution for live remote mixing over the Internet with high-quality, low-latency audio streaming in the video below.