Rainbow Chan announces dates for her solo theatre debut: The Bridal Lament

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Rainbow Chan announces dates for her solo theatre debut: The Bridal Lament

Rainbow Chan
Words by Mixdown staff

Rainbow Chan has announced dates for her solo theatre debut. coupled with the first single from her forthcoming album.

Rainbow is a multi-disciplinary artist, vocalist and music producer based in Naarm, and The Bridal Lament sees her taking to the theatre stage for the first time. Rainbow Chan has announced Eora/Sydney & Tarndanya/Adelaide dates for her show The Bridal Lament. Explaining the meaning and message behind the project, Rainbow said:

Exploring themes of grief, love and matrilineal knowledge, The Bridal Lament invites the audience to contemplate the challenges of belonging across time and place. The Bridal Lament honours the strength and beauty of Weitou women’s voices, ensuring that these melodies continue to resonate for generations to come.”

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The show leads the audience through the steps of a Weitou (first settlers of Hong Kong) bridal lament ritual, revealing the richness of this untold history, with songs I have written that are deeply inspired by Weitou laments.”

The show shares its name with Rainbow Chan’s forthcoming album, due 2024. The first single, “Seven Sisters”, begins to tell the story of the Weitou’s disappearing culture, told by Rainbow Chan after five years of research into the history, practices and culture of her ancestors.

Tickets are available now for The Bridal Lament in October at the Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art in Sydney, and November at The Space Theatre as a part of the OzAsia Festival in Adelaide.