Announced: the Voca plug-in from Sonnox 

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Announced: the Voca plug-in from Sonnox 

Sonnox Voca
Words by Mixdown staff

The Sonnox Voca is an all-in-one vocal processor.

Sonnox are a plugin company dedicated to providing great utility plugins, used to treat, balance and improve recorded audio. Their range includes powerful EQs with dynamic capabilities, de-ess, de-noise and de-click tools, as well as compressors and limiters. Their newest offering, the Voca, does a bit of all of this!

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The Sonnox Voca is an all-in-one vocal processor. It has two main controls, Compression, which offers sounds ranging from ‘Stabilise’ to ‘Squish’, and the Saturation control that offers everything from ‘Focus’ to ‘Saturate’. The Voca also features input and output controls, as well as a ‘Soften’ control that helps prevent the effect from being overly audible, instead offering more transparent processing. The Voca’s GUI operates on X and Y axes instead of a knob, allowing you to shift the signal around for more definition, saturation, warmth, presence and ‘air’ depending on your needs!

The Input control has an Auto/Optimise toggle that allows input to be automatically adjusted to ensure the character of the compression isn’t changed too overtly by incoming signal. The Optimise control allows further fine-tuning. The Voca also features a recording mode that reduces latency to allow the Voca to be used while recording.

The Voca is available now at a special introductory price!