PRS S2 Guitars updated with USA-Made PRS Pickups and Electronics

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PRS S2 Guitars updated with USA-Made PRS Pickups and Electronics

PRS S2 2024
Words by Mixdown staff

PRS introduced the S2 Series in 2013 to bring fresh designs to players at a new price point.

PRS Guitars is now building its S2 Series instruments with USA-Made pickups and electronics – the same pickup models and electronics configurations and components as their Core guitars. Meaning “Stevensville 2,” the S2 Series was named for a second manufacturing line that was created inside the PRS Stevensville, Maryland shop. However, since its introduction, the S2 Series has grown to be fully integrated into the same production line as PRS Core and Bolt-On instruments.

PRS S2 Series

“This just makes sense,” said Paul Reed Smith. “We have worked very diligently on pickups for the last several years and made big strides. To infuse the S2 Series with the life that comes with this kind of attention to detail was the next logical step for these instruments.”

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Loaded with PRS’s renowned 85/15, 58/15 LT, and proprietary Narrowfield and TCI pickups – made right in PRS’s Maryland shop – the S2 Series now carries more PRS DNA than ever. The Series also comes with the same electronics as PRS Core instruments, including potentiometers with extreme audio tapers and other components with custom-designed features. To top off the specs, all Maryland-made PRS electric instruments feature a nitrocellulose finish. This finish is thin, allowing the guitars to have a resonant, organic tone. The nitro finish also has a natural feel, elevating the playing experience from the moment the guitar is picked up.

With thirteen model choices, the S2 Series features both variations on well-known PRS models (like the Custom 24 and McCarty 594) and also truly distinct model choices found only in S2 (like the Vela, Standard 22, and McCarty 594 Thinline).

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