Yamaha Showcase New Montage Synthesizers At NAMM

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Yamaha Showcase New Montage Synthesizers At NAMM

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For more than 40 years, Yamaha has developed industry-leading synthesizers, from the revolutionary DX7 in the 1980s to the renowned Motif series – one of the best-selling synthesizers of all time. Now, Yamaha raises the bar again with Montage. Available in 61, 76 and 88-key configurations, Montage features the Motion Control Synthesizer Engine, a powerful and intuitive way to interact with and control sound. The Motion Control Synthesizer Engine controls two iconic Sound Engines: Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and FM-X.


Compatible with previous generation Motif libraries, the AWM2 engine is exponentially more powerful than the previous Motif XF flagship with nearly ten times more wave memory, integrated flash, double the effects and twice the polyphony. Joining the powerful AWM2 engine is FM-X, an amazingly sophisticated pure FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer engine capable of producing classic ‘80s or cutting-edge EDM sound with incredible dynamic range, power and delity. 


For more info, visit www.au.yamaha.com.