Xotic Effects announce the Bass RC Booster v2

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Xotic Effects announce the Bass RC Booster v2

Offering up to 20dB+ of pure boost, the dual-channel Bass RC Booster v2 also features an adjustable +-15dB two-band active EQ to let bassists shape their tone with ease. The discrete analogue circuitry of the unit allows for a wide range of harmonic content while maintaining a 100% clean signal, letting your original tone breathe through the mix for mass effect.



The Xotic Effects BRC-v2 now comes in a tidy aluminum chassis with white control knobs, and can also be run at 9V-18V for when you went to access some extra headroom. These pedals are a killer investment for those who are picky about tone, and I’m sure many bass players will be stoked to hear that Xotic have brought out a new model. 


Check out the BRC-v2 in further detail here, and head to Guitar Brothers for all inquiries on getting Xotic products in Australia.