Waves recreates Abbey Road’s famous echo chamber in new plugin

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Waves recreates Abbey Road’s famous echo chamber in new plugin

With bands such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd producing some of the era’s most defining sounds in the very same Studio Two, industry leading digital processing masters Waves have encapsulated the magic of the famous echo chamber, along with the accompanying hardware and consoles, into this beautifully designed plug-in. Even allowing you to emulate the original Neumann KM53 valve microphones and Altec 605 speaker used in the actual studio, the plug-in enables you to craft faithful reverbs, delays and other spatial effects exactly as the studio engineers would have done at the time.



Without stopping at the one room, Waves went on to model the Abbey Road Mirror Room and the Olympic Studios Stone Room as well. In addition to the room configurations, the studio’s original S.T.E.E.D. system (Send, Tape, Echo, Echo, Delay) and the original filter paths of the RS106 filter and RS127 EQ in the studio’s REDD desk were also simulated to allow the user to route the signal in many of the same configurations possible at Abbey Road itself.


Waves products are distributed in Australia through Sound And Music.