Wampler unveils Paisley Deluxe Overdrive

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Wampler unveils Paisley Deluxe Overdrive

By combining the pre-exisiting Paisley Drive pedal with their discontinued Underdog Overdrive, the new Paisley Deluxe allows guitarists to double stack both sounds in any order, opening up the pedal to allow for a wide range of driven tones.



To make things even better, Wampler have designed the Paisley Deluxe so that it can still operate as two seperate pedals, with each circuit having its own dedicated input and outputs. This makes the Paisley Deluxe incredibly easy to use with footswitches and effects loop based rigs, and offers a whole heap of possibilities to achieve those classic high-end twangy tones mastered by Brad Paisley. 


Wampler is distributed in Australia via Global Vintage