Walrus Audio relaunch the EB-10 preamp/EQ/boost pedal

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Walrus Audio relaunch the EB-10 preamp/EQ/boost pedal

If you can cast your mind back to last year, Walrus Audio initally launched this pedal as the DEFCON4 in collaboration with singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. However, after he was ousted out as a sexist industry slimeball back in February, the brand (and others) quickly dropped their associations with the artist, and while other brands relaunched their products, for a minute it looked like it was all over red rover for the DEFCON4 – which was a bit of shame, because their pedal was fantastic. 



Thankfully, Walrus Audio have had another crack and have relaunched the unit (Adams-free) as the EB-10 preamp/EQ/boost pedal with a few slight tweaks. Like the original unit, the EB-10 boasts a trio of rotary knobs and offers 12dB of boost/cut with a three-band EQ, as well as an onboard 10dB MOSFET boost and three presets to choose from. However, the amount of cut or boost is now selected by three corresponding toggle switches on the redesigned EB-10, where the original featured a sole on/off switch. It’s also available in both Matte Black and Cream finishes, which is a very cool little touch.



Walrus Audio have also dropped the price of the EB-10 significantly, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services in the United States, too. It’s nice to see that the company have made the best out of a bad situation here, and seem to really care about giving back – onya, Walrus!


Find out more over at the Walrus Audio website