Waldorf introduce Quantum 2.0 update

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Waldorf introduce Quantum 2.0 update

The update sees the inclusion of the Kernel oscillator, which Waldorf are touting as an ‘oscillator construction kit’ that lets you combine six operators in a similar sense to FM synthesis. However, unlike FM synthesis, you’re actually able to incorporate many different kinds of waveforms within the Kernel oscillator, including traditional synth waveforms as well as wavetables and noise.


When you pair this concept with the multitude of modulation possibilities, editing, pitch modes and envelopes on offer, it looks like it’s an incredibly formidable synth engine – not that the Quantum was lacking in any power to begin with. You can also pair FM presets with Kernel to still use all those classic sounds you know and love, which really seals the deal.



Other tweaks in Quantum OS 2.0 include enhanced sample editing, filter panning, upgraded display modes, improved patch management and external USB storage. It looks like one mighty update – if only it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to begin with. Alas. If you do own one, head to Waldorf’s website to download it today. 


Waldorf is distributed in Australia via Link Audio.