Vox debut the Valvenergy Pedal Series

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Vox debut the Valvenergy Pedal Series

Based around the overdriven tones of four famous amplifiers, the Valvenergy Series is aimed at guitarists looking for new flavours of distortion with the convenience and luxury that modern pedals provide. 


First up, there’s the red Mystic Edge, voiced to emulate that classic Vox AC30 chime and jangle, while the silver Silk Drive puts you into a territory similar to that of a boutique combo. 


Meanwhile, the golden Copperhead Drive delivers a powerful crunch that most of us would associate with a cranked Marshall stack, while the black Cutting Edge pedal provides bone-crunching distortion to suit the styles of any modern metal guitarist. 


Each unit in the series features an active three-band EQ, as well as three input/output modes to switch between standard, line level preamp outputs and analogue cab sim outputs, making for an incredibly versatile platform for practise, tracking and live performance. 


What’s more, each unit features an OLED display with an oscilloscope to present your waveform data, helping you to visualise exactly what’s going on with your Valvenergy pedal. 


Dive in and check out all four of the pedals in the demonstration video below. We reckon the ability to switch each unit from a pedal into a preamp is a pretty big drawcard, and those NuTubes sound great too. 



Get in touch with Yamaha for all things Vox in Australia.