Tycoon Master Fantasy Boa Series Congas

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Tycoon Master Fantasy Boa Series Congas

Tycoon fantasy boa congas 2.jpg

Constructed from hand-selected, aged siam oak wood, ensures exceptional durability as well as superb sound quality. These 30” tall drums have a distinctive wide belly to create rich and deep bass tones and deliver crisp bright high tones, the ultimate combination of conga sounds.


Chrome Deluxe hoops, reinforced side plates with 3/8” diameter tuning lugs and die-cast handle-colour matches the hardware to finish off. All covered in a ‘Boa skin’ like wrap that is both unique and eye catching; there is not another conga on the planet that looks the same. Retailed at half the price of most professional drums, Tycoon has once again proven that quality does not have to come at a hefty cost. 


For more information, visit www.dynamicmusic.com.au