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660 Guitars US/76

Aluminium bodied with a carbon fibre/graphite neck, the US/76 from 660 Guitars was created to stretch the boundaries of what fretted instruments should look and sound like. And stretch the boundaries it sure does.


Fender Custom Shop Stained Glass Tele

We have already seen the bejewelled Music Repeater Tele from Fender, but this Custom Shop Stained Glass Tele is a true work of art. Featured as apart of the Fender Custom Shop 2016 Prestige Collection, the Stained Glass Tele is an exquisitely handcrafted offering from Fender’s Master Builder Dale Wilson. The Custom Shop Prestige Collection demonstrated the pinnacle of Fender craftsmanship, with the Stained Glass Tele featuring an intricate LED light panel inside a multi-tiered body, allowing it to glow.


Jackson Dinky 1H ‘Skinned’ 

Conversation starter is one way of describing the Jackson Dinky 1H ‘Skinned’. Designed by Master FX artist Tim Gore, the guitar features an alder body, ebony fingerboard and gory flesh-like finish. The finishing touches are the real winner, with stitched skin, a row of teeth and an eye ball volume knob giving this custom Dinky a whole lot of ‘personality’. 


Trussart Steelcaster

For anyone that has seen James Trussart’s work before, knows of his love for steel. The SteelCaster has the look and feel of a vintage instrument, while also featuring the exclusive Trussart hollow steel body and custom metal appointments. The steel, while also being the perfect medium to display the beautiful Trussart custom finishes, also has its tonal advantages, with the hollow steel body ranging from sweet, crystal clear tones to aggressive screaming lead tones.


The CyberAxe

Although this guitar is quite unique in shape, its functionality is the real head turner. There has been a lot of crazy and innovative technological inventions for musicians circulating in the past year, but the CyberAxe is taking things a step further. The CyberAxe can connect to iOS and Android devices for control over presets, songs, setlists and outboard gear. Sounds pretty sweet to me!