The MOON Switcher Offers Wireless Control Of Your Entire Rig

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The MOON Switcher Offers Wireless Control Of Your Entire Rig


The MOON works best when paired with the AERO controller, which you can mount on your guitar’s body or strap, or even your pocket or belt (if you don’t mind looking like a total dweeb). The devices are completely programmable and can change channels on amps using the footswitch jack, operate as a wireless ABY switcher or FX loop for pedals or assign MIDI messages to the AERO buttons.


When using it to change amp channels or as an ABY switcher, it essentially just stops you from having to do it with your feet, which can help you focus on other aspects of the performance. This is certainly handy, but it might be most useful with MIDI devices, with the ability to literally change an entire guitar sound with a click of a button.


You can control MIDI devices by assigning MIDI messages to the buttons of the AERO or the REMOTE app, which is an alternative to using the guitar mounted controller. It works with popular brands like Kemper and Strymon and DAWs including Ableton Live and Garageband. Additionally, the user can store up to three presets across eight linked units in the AERO controller, and an infinite amount in the app.


I can see this enhanced MIDI control helping out performers to transfer their studio sound, which might be heavily influenced by MIDI devices, to the stage in a way which hasn’t really been as easy and accessible until now. The MOON Switcher just makes sense, and I’m surprised it has taken this long to appear on the market.



For more information, visit their Kickstarter page.