The ‘HD Vinyl’ Could Be Playing On Your Turntable Soon

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The ‘HD Vinyl’ Could Be Playing On Your Turntable Soon

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Rebeat Digital, the company who filed the patent, is now pushing to file patents in the United States and worldwide, and hopes to revolutionise the way that records are made.


The company has been quick to dispel fears that the new records wouldn’t play on current turtables, with the CEO Guenter Loibl saying, “This is a completely backwards-compatible technology. It will play on any existing turntable; you don’t need to buy a new system to enjoy the benefits.”


The main roadblocks for a lot of artists – particularly smaller artists – in getting their music pressed on vinyl are cost and time. This product could potentially reduce the stamper-related costs by 50% and the time required by 60%.


This could be a big step for the industry, which is currently struggling to keep up with the demand for records caused by the vinyl revival. If the current trend of vinyl purchasing is still consistent in three years time – when this product is expected to be on the market – then vinyl sales and production could skyrocket even further.


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