The Guitar Straps Made From Repurposed Automotive Upholstery

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The Guitar Straps Made From Repurposed Automotive Upholstery


Enter Couch Guitar Straps. These guys are all about high quality, long lasting straps without the hefty cost. The best part though? They are made from repurposed automotive upholstery, giving these straps a unique vintage look and feel.

Couch starts production by finding giant rolls of often vintage, found, or new-old-stock vinyl or recycled seatbelt material at automotive and upholstery warehouses, and then choose the best colours. Their vinyl straps are made of three layers of automotive upholstery vinyl for extra padding and strength, and the back tab is then stainless-steel-riveted together. The reason for using automotive and industrial vinyl is that it is often stronger and more resilient than “fashion” vinyl, and it looks really great too.


Another range that Couch stock are their Seat Belt guitar straps, made from… well you guessed it! Seat belt material makes some of the best guitar straps, because it is strong, looks great, and adjusts more easily than any other material.


Ethical standards are also taken into consideration with the production of Couch Guitar Straps. They are made in the United States in downtown Los Angeles, California in sweatshop free environments, and also sell 100% cruelty free, vegan straps for our environmentally conscious friends. Our pick of the lot are the Vintage Auto Vinyl Straps, built from automotive upholstery from the 70s and 80s. Vehicles used include Volkswagens, Cadillacs, El Caminos + loads more. 


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