TC Electronic Releases Flashback II Delay Pedal

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TC Electronic Releases Flashback II Delay Pedal

While retaining the aesthetics and original features of the first version of the Flashback, the new version includes the addition of the MASH footswitch, offering users the option for pressure sensitive footswitching technology for greater control over the nuances of the pedal. The Flashback II also introduces Crystal Delay to the pedal, implementing polyphonic octave algorithms derived from the TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver for ear-catching spacey delay effects.


The Flashback II also features the welcome addition of three TonePrint slots, allowing players the ability to save and switch between presets via the USB operated TonePrint software. Other new features include self-oscillation via the improved ‘ultra-realistic’ tape and analogue algorithms and a stereo-in jack for a tap-tempo footswitch, as well as all the features which made the original Flashback a staple across pedalboards all over the world.



TC Electronic are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.