TC Electronic Release Quintessence Harmonizer Pedal

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TC Electronic Release Quintessence Harmonizer Pedal

Featuring seven diatonic scale presets, with everything from the minor penatonic to super locrian as well as a custom scale setting, the TC Electronic Quintessence allows for endless harmonic soundscapes and encourages players to experiment with different modes while writing and performing. The Quintessence also includes eight default harmonies and three TonePrint harmony settings, giving guitarists access to hundreds of pre-recorded presets online.


A significant feature of the newer TC Electronic pedals, the Quintessence Harmonizer also includes the MASH footswitch, allowing for limitless expression. By default, the MASH switch has been assigned to bend your harmonised note up to the next interval in the scale – however, in TonePrint mode, you can assign MASH to control just about any aspect of the pedal including custom scale steps – both above and below the original harmony. This feature makes harmonising with the TC Electronic Quintessence as simple as possible, allowing you to beef up your guitar lines beyond your wildest harmonic dreams.



TC Electronic is distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.