Taylor breaks away from tradition with new V-class bracing system

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Taylor breaks away from tradition with new V-class bracing system

Developed by master guitar designer Andy Powers, the V-Class system of bracing was designed in order to better control the top movement of the guitar and intonation issues inherent to equal temperament tuning using the guitar’s construction. 


Acoustic guitars have long suffered an inevitable trade-off between two key elements of their sound: volume and sustain. An acoustic guitar’s innate volume comes from the flexibility of the top (soundboard), while sustain comes from the stiffness of the wood itself. With the new V-bracing system spread evenly across the underside of the soundboard, the improved flexibility allows a more orderly rocking motion across both sides, allowing greater volume to emanate from the guitar. 


In similar fashion, the V-bracing system increases both rigidity and stiffness along the middle of the guitar, allowing strings to ring out longer, improving sustain and note length. The V-bracing system will launch with a series of four Grand Auditorium models – three standard models, and a special Builder’s Edition. 


The three standard models come in a variety of tonewoods, each offering their own nuances in both voice and tone, while the Builder’s Edition includes several more premium features, including ergonomic body contours, a specially reshaped cutaway, and a refined “silent” satin finish. 


For more information, visit Music Link Australia.