Orange launch four new amp heads and cabinet styles

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Orange launch four new amp heads and cabinet styles

The Rocker 15 Terror is Orange’s head-only version of their widely popular Rocker 15 Combo, with a twin channel design. The ‘Natural’ channel features only one control for volume, and is intended for absolute transparency for the player, while the ‘Dirty’ channel has a more traditional set of controls with gain, master volume, and a three band EQ. The amp head also features power attenuation, capable of switching from 15, 7, 1 and half a watt. With so many output wattages to choose from, players can riff even harder at neighbour-friendly volumes, while still having gig-level readiness on hand.  



Designed with Mastodon’s Brett Hinds, the Brett Hinds Signature Terror is a brand new amp head based on the Rocker 15, but with a different gain structure and a unique voice. It features similar controls to the Rocker 15 with two channels available, in addition to the same power attenuation options. 



The Orange Crush Mini is the perfect companion for the traveling musician. Weighing in at just under one kilogram, the tiny combo amp boasts unrivalled portability while still bearing Orange’s signature British voicing. The amp can be powered by a single 9V battery or an equivalent 9V power supply. In addition to the three onboard controls (volume, shape and gain), the Crush Mini also features an onboard tuner, aux input, and offers an 8 Ohm speaker output to turn the unit into an amplifier for your cabinet. 



Last but not least, Orange has also announced their very first vertical cabinet, the PPC212V. The cabinet has been designed to be as light as possible, without sacrificing any tonal response. It’s constructed from 15mm Birch Plywood, finished with their legendary livery in an open-back design, and comes loaded with two 12-inch Celestion Neo Creamback Speakers.



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