Tascam debut the Model 16 mixing interface

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Tascam debut the Model 16 mixing interface

The Tascam Model 16 shares semblance to its forebearer, the Model 24. We probably don’t need to explain this, but the main difference is that the Model 16 has eight fewer channels than the Model 24, although all the high-end features remain. There’s 14 analogue inputs, 12 of which are balanced line inputs, with ten featuring Ultra HDDA microphone preamps and 48V phantom power, as well as stereo aux inputs, RCA and mini jacks and Bluetooth capabilities. Interestingly enough, Tascam have decided to keep the mixer section fully analogue, making things nice and straightforward when used in a live context. 



The unit’s eight mono channels are decked with three-band EQs with semi-parametric mids, while the stereo channels feature three-band EQs with fixed mid bands. Each mono channel also includes a single knob compressor function, while there’s also 16 effects to choose from in the built-in FX section, which can be applied to individual channels, monitor mixes, sub groups and main mixes. 



The Tascam Model 16, as well as functioning as a mixer, can record up to 16 channels of audio (14 inputs and a stereo mix) onto an SD card, making it suitable to record live gigs in a small to medium venue without a computer. It also pairs well with a computer to function as a USB audio interface with 16 inputs and 14 outputs, and should be compatible both Mac and PC. 


Tascam is distributed in Australia through CMI Music and Audio