Switchcraft Introduce The Ultra Videopatch 24GHz

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Switchcraft Introduce The Ultra Videopatch 24GHz

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The product addresses the broadcast industries demand of signal patching solutions able to handle extremely high frequencies without sacrificing video quality, especially as resolutions climb to UHD and further.


The product line of 24GHz video patching solutions includes Mid-Size/Mini-WECO single jacks, 2×32 IRU patch bay, patch cable and accessories meets and exceeds SMTPE ST 2081-1 and ST 2082-1 standards with low return loss and 75ohm impedance.


The patch bay is pre-configured with alternating short and long rear panel single video jacks and rear panel cable support bar, has a life cycle of 30,000, is non-normalled and non-terminated and used with lopping and single or dual terminating plugs.


For more information head to clarke.com.au.