Supro Unveil Brand New Gain-Heavy Comet Amp

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Supro Unveil Brand New Gain-Heavy Comet Amp


While it’s not exactly ideal for use on stage, it still packs a punch. The Comet is better designed to face the rigours of recording studios. It’s lightweight and cranks 6-14 watts of tone, maintaining a vintage sound coupled with plenty of volume push.

The preamp design for the Comet offers plenty of juice within the clean tone, but as soon as the volume knob swings past 5 the signature crunch of Supro amps comes out to play. With the added tremolo effect in tow, you’ll hear plenty of range in terms of speed and depth too. There’s overdrive in spades when using the power amp, the Comet has Class A specifications making it rich in harmonics while drenching it within the compressed tubes.


These features mean that the amplifier is very friendly with studio microphones so if you’re recording any kind of gain-heavy guitar then this is top-range stuff. And for those who wish to use it on stage note that it can be hooked up to a 1700 BD12-loaded, 1×12 extension cabinet that will help deliver all it’s glorified distortion in spades. 



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