Supro reveal the new Galaxy guitar amplifier

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Supro reveal the new Galaxy guitar amplifier

Powered by an arsenal of 6L6 tubes, the 50w Supro Galaxy aims to provide players with an experience unlike that of any other Supro amplifier, offering a range of crystaline cleans and crunchy driven tones. The clean channel of the Galaxy is identical that used in the company’s collaboration with Keeley Electronics, while the dirty channel is designed by mastermind Bruce Zinky in order for that impeccable high-gain saturation.



Elsewhere, the Galaxy features a footswitchable solo boost to make your lead passages cut through the mix, as well as a buffered FX loop and an assignable six-spring reverb for lush vintage tones. The Supro Galaxy is available in either head or combo form, with the combo boasting an Eminence CV75 12″ speaker for red hot tones. Supro are also selling 4×12 and 1×12 matching cabinets to pair with the Galaxy – or you can mix ‘n match with a cabinet of your own choice. It’s a free world. 



Supro is distributed in Australia through Dynamic Music