David Gilmour’s Black Strat sells for US $3,300,000

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David Gilmour’s Black Strat sells for US $3,300,000

First to hit the auction block was Gilmour’s beloved 1969 Martin D-35 acoustic used to record ‘Wish You Were Here,’ which fetched an eye-popping US $1,095,000 – the highest price ever paid for an acoustic guitar. Given that estimates for this one were set at $10,000 – $20,000, it’s a pretty incredible sale. 



Next up, the famous white serial #0001 Fender Stratocaster, favoured in the studio by Gilmour to record The Wall, went for whopping $1,815,000 after an intense four-minute bidding war. Gilmour’s 1984 Candy Apple Red EMG Strat also went for an impressive $615,000, while his 1955 Goldtop Gibson used on the ‘Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2’ solo went for $447,000, setting a new record high price paid for a Les Paul.




However, it’s the price fetched by the 1969 Black Strat that’ll really blow your mind. We all know and love this guitar – for many, it’s the quintessential Gilmour instrument, and I’m sure many guitarists have picked up a Stratocaster or purchased a black-on-black model to replicate Gilmour’s iconic model. Despite all the modifications, tweaks, alternate parts and various bumps and bruises it’s accumulated since Gilmour first picked it up, the Black Strat has set a new record for the highest ever price paid for a guitar at $3,300,000 – a price which equates to almost AUD $4.8 million. 


All proceeds from the mammoth guitar auction are set to be donated to climate change charity ClientEarth at the wishes of Gilmour himself.


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