Supro announces self-titled, all-analogue delay pedal

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Supro announces self-titled, all-analogue delay pedal

The new pedal packs new-production MN3005 “bucket brigade” IC chips, delivering a huge range of delay sounds from 20ms slapback up to 600ms of vintage delay. Dynamic range has been opened up with the inclusion of 15V power rails to “sweeten” the echo. 



The chassis, as well as the typical time, repeats and level knobs, also includes a filter knob that provides low-pass and band-pass functions. Supro says the filter design supplies the darkness of BBD analogue delays as well as tape echo sounds of the past.  The classy, old-style red chassis also allows for an expression pedal to be hooked up, with a 9V power supply to keep things compact. 


The Supro Delay joins Supro’s pedal line of “classic” effects, including the Tremolo, Drive, Boost and Fuzz first announced back in 2016.


In the market for Supro gear? Check out their pedal-focused amplifier collaboration with Keeley here.


Supro is distributed in Australia by Dynamic Music