Steinberg’s Cubase 10.5 software update has arrived

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Steinberg’s Cubase 10.5 software update has arrived

The update introduces new features such as video rendering and export features, spectral comparison EQs, new coloured mixer channels and an update to Steinberg’s Padshop 2 granular synth. While users will have to splash out some cash to download the upgrade, for what it brings to the table, it seems like 10.5 is a pretty worthy investment here. 


Steinberg have obviously caught onto the fact that a lot of Cubase users also dabble in video production, and 10.5 reflects this heavily – you can now export videos with H.264 compression and 16-bit audio without needing any extra plugins. Similarly, Cubase have also added the ability for users to import a range of tracks from other projects, including mixer settings, channel settings and automation data, while the new coloured mixer channels feature lets you clearly label your tracks to give you a better overview of what’s going on. 



The new Spectral Comprasion EQ update also makes Cubase 10.5 a handy mixing tool, letting you shine up those muddy frequencies and route secondary signals into your EQ to compare spectral curves. There’s also a new MultiTap Delay plugin that looks to make you think outside the box when using delay effects – it’s kind of similar to Logic’s Delay Designer if you’re familiar with that, while the updated version of the Padshop 2 granular synth now features a spectral oscillator, arpeggiator and 100 new presets.


Other minor tweaks include a new score editor update, a retrospective MIDI record feature, combined select tools and a safe start mode to deactivate third party plugins when using the DAW.


Head to the Cubase website to find out more about the new 10.5 update, and check out Yamaha Music Australia for details on getting Steinberg licences.