Harmony reissue the cult classic 8418 valve combo

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Harmony reissue the cult classic 8418 valve combo

The handwired combo replicates the mojo of those old school Harmony amps from the ’50s and ’60s, boasting an output of five watts and a single 6″ Jensen speaker. A lone volume knob keeps things nice and simple, letting you plug in and let rip for some gritty garage rock and blues tones. 



The Harmony 8418 also sports a custom tolex finish and custom tweed grill, which is complete with a cheesy extremely cool little guitar graphic on the front. Internally, the amp features point-to-point wiring and true NOS tubes from the ’50s, delivering that authentic vintage sound you know and love. 



Check out the video above to see the Harmony 8418 in action. If you’re keen on buying into a slice of this little vintage combo, you can order one on Reverb today – however, they’re only limited to 150 units, so you better get in quick. 


Head to Harmony to find out more about the 8418 today.