Squier’s wicked new Paranormal range is arriving in Australia

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Squier’s wicked new Paranormal range is arriving in Australia

The first batch of Paranormal guitars is set to consist of the Toronado, Offset Telecaster, Super-Sonic and Baritone Cabronita Telecaster, with Squier throwing back to some of the brand’s most illustrated models in the process.



The new Toronado, which was originally released in 1998, features a unique offset body with a cutthroat tone courtesy of the dual humbuckers and 24.75″ scale.



Meanwhile, the Offset Telecaster breathes life into one of the most coveted Fender-style custom builds, fusing the neck and electronics of a Telecaster with the body of a Jazzmaster for a look and tone to stand out from the pack.




There’s also a lot of hype around the return of the Super-Sonic; a guitar famously flung around stage by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in his At The Drive-In days. With its reverse Jaguar body and dual humbuckers, it’s one of the oddest instruments Squier have ever produced, yet is fervently sought after by many players for its killer tone and eye-catching design.



Squier have also released a new take on the Cabronita Telecaster with a fresh Baritone model, combining single-coil soapbar pickups with the minimal appointments of the Cabronita for a no-frills low-end workhorse. 



There’s also a second batch of Paranormal models slated to arrive in October, comprised of the Cyclone, Cabronita Thinline Telecaster and ’54 Jazz Bass. Collectors will be stoked to see the return of the Cyclone, a beloved bastardisation of a Mustang, Stratocaster and Jaguar all in one and packaged in a range of quirky finishes.



Meanwhile, the Cabronita Thinline puts a semi-hollow twist on the special Telecaster design, while the ’54 Jazz Bass pairs the body of a ’54 Precision Bass with the electronics of a modern Jazz Bass for an unmistakably cool vibe.



Visit the Australian Squier website for more informatiom.