Squier launch Smashed Avocado Green Stratocaster

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Squier launch Smashed Avocado Green Stratocaster

In what could possibly be Fender’s most tantalizing colour scheme to date, Smashed Avocado Green complements the company’s classic Blonde finish with a creamy green tint, reminiscent of the preferred breakfast spread for millennials. 


Elsewhere, Squier’s new FSR VM ’70s Stratocaster packs all the specs you’d expect of a model of this caliber: Duncan Designed SC-101 pickups, a C-shaped maple neck with an Indian laurel fretboard, a chunky ’70s style headstock and the classic vintage styled tremolo system.


While the limited edition Squier Smashed Avocado Strat is currently a UK exclusive, we’ve got our fingers crossed for these to see a wider release later in the year. We’d happily choose delicious sustenance over lengthy sustain any day. 




Squier is distributed in Australia via Fender Music Australia