Sound Particles have announced the Explorer SFX Cloud

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Sound Particles have announced the Explorer SFX Cloud

Sound Particles Explorer SFX Cloud
Sound Particles Explorer SFX Cloud
Words by Mixdown staff

A new browser software and cloud-based SFX library from the brand.

What you need to know:

  • Sound Particles have just announced the launch of Explorer SFX Cloud. 
  • It consists of two elements, a free audio file management application and a cloud based subscription service with access to over 100,000 high-quality sound effects.
  • This combination aspires to provide sound designers and content creators with all of their recording project needs in one convenient package.


An application that provides users with an easy way to sort and access their collection of audio files, Explorer is available as a free download and supports everything from mono through to multi-channel surround and immersive formats. Files can either be imported or drag and dropped into Explorer, after which a comprehensive metadata system allows them to be tagged with a wide range of information including channel count, categories, sample rate and plenty more.

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For further organisation, files can be sorted using a playlist system. Users are also able to see which sounds have been exported most frequently, as well as make use of a personal star-based rating system. Effects and processing such as gain, pitch shifting, polarity inversion, normalisation and reverse can also be added within application before exporting. Files can also be converted to different channel formats without needing to use any additional software.

SFX Cloud

SFX Cloud, a cloud-based collection of over 100,000 mono, stereo, multi-channel, and Ambisonics sound effects, is available as an optional add-on to the Explorer application. Once subscribed, users will be able to combine the online library with their own local files within the Explorer software, with no limit on downloads. With no subscription tiers, one fixed price will provide users with access to the whole library.

Nuno Fonseca, founder and CEO of Sound Particles told Sound On Sound:

“Our goal with SFX Cloud is to provide a professional SFX cloud for all our client’s needs. Whether they are working on a film, a game, or any other creative project, we want to make it easy and fast for them to find and use the perfect sound effects to bring their vision to life. We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality audio files, provided by our partners in the industry. We share the proceeds of this endeavour with our partners because we believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to supporting the sound design community.”

Explorer is available now as a free download from the Sound Particles website. SFX Cloud is also live now.