Roland unleash new flagship V-Drum series with TD-50x module and VAD drum kits

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Roland unleash new flagship V-Drum series with TD-50x module and VAD drum kits

Words by Will Brewster

Get the best of both worlds.

Roland have fleshed out their V-Drum range with a smattering of three new hybrid kits and sound modules to offer the perfect middle ground between acoustic and electric percussion.

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All models in the new V-Drum range are powered by the newly released TD-50X drum module, which boasts over 900 sounds in its internal memory and a whole heap of parameters to edit tuning, muffling, shell depths and head type.

Dubbed as ‘the most acoustic-like experience in electronic drumming’, the TD-50X features a whole new range of kick, tom, snare and cymbal samples in addition to PureAcoustic Ambience technology to make them sound more alive than ever.

There’s also master left and right outputs and eight direct outs to group or split each drum into their own channels, while an onboard USB audio and MIDI interface allows for up to 32 channels of audio.

Expanding on last year’s range of Virtual Acoustic Design (VAD) kits, the flagship VAD706 combines wooden drum shells with Roland’s TD-50X module, making the electric drumming experience more realistic than ever before.

It’s available in a five-piece configuration with a PD-140DS digital snare, 22″ kick drum and 10″, 12″ and 14″ toms, as well as the brand new VH-14D digital hi-hat, CY-18DR digital ride cymbal and two CY-16R-T crash cymbals.

The VAD706 can also be purchased in four slick finishes, with Gloss Cherry, Gloss Ebony, Pearl White and Gloss Natural being on offer.

If you’re less fussed about how your drums look and more concerned about how they sound, Roland have also introduced the TD-50KV2, a hybrid electric kit that’s jam-packed with sounds and features a handy stow-away design.

Powered by the TD-50X module, this kit boasts an 18″ KD-180 kick, two 10″ PD-108-BC rack tom pads and two 14″ PD-128-BC floor tom pads, as well as the stainless steel PD-140DS digital snare, CY-16R-T crashes, CY-18DR ride and VH-14D digital hi-hats.

Finally, the V-Drums range is rounded out by the Roland TD-50K2, which features a more compact build with shallower PDX-100 tom pads, a KD-140-BC kick drum and PD-140DS digital snare, as well as CY-14C and CY-16R-T creates, VH-14D hi-hats and a CY-18DR ride.

Check out the TD-50X V-Drums range over at Roland Australia.