Radial Engineering’s Headlight Amp Selector

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Radial Engineering’s Headlight Amp Selector

headlight main.jpg

The compact design is purpose built to easily fit into a pedalboard, allowing artists to easily switch between up to four amps at once with a single footswitch. The combination of ¼” output jacks and a sequential footswitch and that is able to advance through the connected outputs depending on how many amps are connected allows the device it’s convenient size.


The Headlight gets its name from its high visibility LEDs, which can provide an easily seen output routing status on darkened stages. The Headlight can also be used as an ABY with two amps care of the ‘All On’ button, which will allow you to use both amps simultaneously, and the built in isolation transformers will prevent any ground loop hum.


For more information head to ambertech.com.au.