PRS Launch Limited Edition CE Satin Nitro Guitars

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PRS Launch Limited Edition CE Satin Nitro Guitars


The CE Satin Nitro is set to have a limited release and will come in three unique ‘burst finishes; faded grey cherryburst, faded grey blueburst and faded grey purpleburst. All these colours are uniquely set with a satin nitrocellulose finish.

The models will have ‘black out’ necks with the original spec list that includes a carved maple top, mahogany body, wide thin maple neck and bird-inlay’d rosewood fingerboard. PRS’ very much loved 85/15 humbuckers are also included here along with the company’s Phase II machinehead and tremolo/vibrato system. 


There will only be 150 of these guitars made available to Europe, Japan and Australia, so they won’t come cheap– but they still look damn good. 


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