PRS and Mark Tremonti team up for new amp and guitar

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PRS and Mark Tremonti team up for new amp and guitar

Designed with player value in mind, the new PRS MT15 is a two-channel lunchbox amp fitted with 6L6 tubes and pulling 15 watts of power. Catering towards heavier tones, the MT15 features five gain stages before the Master Volume, resulting in a rich, full distortion, while the clean channel features a push-pull overdrive boost for a bit of old school crunch. In a press statement, Tremonti lauded the plethora of tones acheivable from the smaller wattage of the amp, stating, “We knew we wanted a low-wattage amp. The challenge was getting a lot of tone and features in a little box. We’re all blown away with how it turned out. It’s going to be great for someone to take it out of the box, set everything to noon, and have it sound great.”



In addition to the new MT15 amp, PRS has also unveiled the SE Mark Tremonti Standard, rebooting the Creed guitarist’s signature model for their budget-friendly SE range. With an all mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, Wide Thin maple neck and trem-up route, the SE MT Standard is designed to play as fast and comfortably as possible, while the Tremonti ‘S’ pickups and dual volume/tone knobs offer a variety of articulate heavy tones. 


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