Polyend launch the jam-packed Tracker sampler

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Polyend launch the jam-packed Tracker sampler

As the name implies, the Tracker utilises a sequencer engine similar to that found in the Commodore C-64, which Renoise users should also be familiar with, with users entering parameters manually to program steps row by row. The unit boasts an eight track sequencer, and can also handle 48 instruments per project, 255 patterns per song and up to 128 steps per pattern. 



In addition to its inbuilt sampling capabilities, the Tracker features a wavetable and granular synth engine, as well as an FM radio for creative sampling. It’s also got bidirectional MIDI connectivity, as well as sequencer step effects for live performance such as Chance, Random, Microtuning, Cutoff, Panning, Glide, Reverb Send and much more. These sound generators also include all the parameters you’d expect from a hardware sampler or synth, such as panning, filters, ADSRs, LFOs, volume and tuning controls. 



Elsewhere, the Tracker includes a line input and both a high-gain and low-gain mic input for recording at 16 bit/44.1kHz. You’ve also got the ability to power the Tracker via USB, making it perfect for on-the-go production for whenever inspiration may hit. 


Check out the Tracker over at Polyend’s website today