BABY Audio launch new Comeback Kid delay plugin

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BABY Audio launch new Comeback Kid delay plugin

Inspired by the company’s fantastic Super VHS plugin, Comeback Kid presents producers with an inspiring take on classic delay sounds with up to 2500ms of delay time, as well as signal processing tools such as phasing, tape saturation, reverb, pitch variation and more. All parameters utilise a nifty one-knob effect interface to minimise menu diving and encourage as much creative usage as possible, and you can even disable the delay engine to solely use Comeback Kid for its wet effects. 



To help you get started, Comeback Kid is loaded with 61 presets from the likes of Mick Schultz (multi-platinum producer for Rihanna and Jeremih) as well as Anthony Saffery (Billboard #1 producer for Portugal. The Man) which you can tweak to your heart’s content. It looks to be a formidable plugin for producers seeking some creative inspiration, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Check out all the wet signal processing effects below.


• Lo-Cut + Hi-Cut: Tame your delays with analog modeled filters.

• Attack + Sustain: Sculpt your delays with flexible transient designers.

• Cheap: Degrade you delays with a custom 11-bit signal path — modeled after vintage digital units.

• Tape: Warm-up your delays with analog-style tape saturation.

• Swirl: Add movement to your delays through gentle phasing.

• Sauce: Add space to your delays with a touch of algorithmic reverb.

• Wider: Widen your delays through L/R time variations.

• Richer: Add dimension to your delays through L/R pitch variations.

• Pan: Place your delays in the stereo image.

• Mono: Turn your delays into mono.

• Ducker: Lower your delays when the dry signal is playing — for a cleaner, more modern sound.

• Destiny: Leave your delays to destiny — for a less robotic, more human and unpredictable vibe.


Comeback Kid is compatible with all major DAWs on both Mac and PC, with Vst, Vst3, Au and AAX and both 64-bit and 32-bit.


Head to BABY Audio to find out more.