Periphery open their own signature Reverb shop

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Periphery open their own signature Reverb shop

Reverb shops aren’t anything new for the gear-keen among us; it’s the perfect outlet for bands to get rid of a bunch of surplus gear and give back to fans. Periphery have thought a bit further than the garage sale model however, grouping all of their (many) signature pieces, software patches, records and more. For fans, there truly could be no greater gift; the band has no less than three dozen pieces of signature gear, and they can be difficult to find at every dealership. 



The shop runs off Reverb Sites, the free website service run by the eponymous parent company. It combs through the multitudinous Reverb marketplaces to aggregate gear sold in addition to official sales. It is the first of its kind for now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more pop up in the next few days.


Drummer Matt Halpern has software like his Smash and Grab Drum Compressor to offer; Misha Mansoor’s guitars are eye-wateringly good, with an entire range of his Jackson Juggernauts and a Peavey Invective 120 amp to boot; Jake Bowen has his Ibanez variants; Mark Holcomb has his faithful Paul Reed Smith SE and Seymour Duncan gear. Honestly, the gear is good and varied enough to be pretty respectable boutique store of its own. 


Check out the Periphery Signature Reverb Shop here. If you’ve been wondering what else the band has been up to, check out our chat with them from April.