People are losing their heads over this headless guitar

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People are losing their heads over this headless guitar

The absurd-looking instrument that has been floating around threads on the net for the last few years was finally found in the flesh by YouTube channel The Trogly’s Guitar Show. After checking in at number nine on the channel’s ‘Would you rock or not?’ video, one viewer replied to the video claiming to have worked under the original owner and insisted that it was, in fact, a real guitar.


Aparently, the 1993 guitar that became the franken-steinberg was initially traded in to the original owner with a broken headstock in exchange for some free studio time. Not wanting to waste the oppurtunity, this crafty wannabe-luthier thought a novel solution would be to transform the wilted instrument into the monstrosity you see before you. Not the most thorough reimagining: the top of the neck still has the truss rod exposed and the neck wood is also still splintered, but at the same time it does seem somewhat fitting for the hackjob that the guitar has undergone. After a thorough review by The Trogly’s on their channel, they put the iconic instrument up for sale on Reverb. Now you can own it for yourself, should it take your fancy.



If the guitar resonates with you enough that you need to add it to your collection, you can find the sales post here.