Orange launch the Crush Acoustic 30 amplifier

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Orange launch the Crush Acoustic 30 amplifier

With a distinctive angled design to aid with sound projection, the Crush Acoustic 30 features two channels, with the first being wired to suit the characteristics of acoustic guitars. It’s got a pad switch to bump the volume by 10dB to ensure your signal quality doesn’t suffer, as well as a three-band EQ, a colour switch to inject some extra presence into your sound and inbuilt reverb and chorus effects. The Orange Acoustic Crush 30’s second channel also features an XLR input with phantom power, but there’s no stopping you if you want to plug in another guitar, if that’s your thing. 



What really makes the amp a winner, however, is its portability: the Acoustic Crush 30 can be powered by six AA batteries and should get the job done for about three hours at full volume, while reducing your output to the 50% mark will give you a considerable five hours of unplugged power. If you’re a self-accompanied busker or a duo gearing up for the Christmas corporate season, this one’s worth checking out.


Orange Amplification is distributed nationwide via Australis Music Group.